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Introducing our new product

The legendary taste takes on a modern twist, embodying the brand heritage and its aspiration for the future.

The legendary taste takes on a modern twist, embodying the brand heritage and its aspiration for the future. The journey of ARARAT cognacs begins in the generous Armenian, sun-drenched Ararat Valley and the mountainous region of Tavush, famous for its forests and incredibly clean air. Harvesting only takes a few weeks and begins when the berries have the right sugar level. Farmers hand-pick the best bunches. All the stages of production are thought out in detail, so that at the end of the production the cognac gets its impeccable taste.

ARARAT Cherry – a new blend in the ARARAT range

A perfect combination of brandy and natural cherry flavour.

Created for the lovers of everything new, young consumers who are ready to explore something different with interesting consumption options.

At the heart of the drink is a six-year-old blend of ARARAT with the addition of natural cherry flavour, 30% strength.

Flavour and aroma

ARARAT Cherry with 30% strength has the rich and intense flavour of cognac, filled with the fine notes of ripe cherries, tones of various spices and a vanilla aftertaste.

The taste of caramelized cherries, spices, and almonds is very soft and rounded with a pleasant chocolate-cherry aftertaste.

This novelty is an innovative taste and aroma that will not leave you indifferent. ARARAT Cherry will open for you the wonderful world of cognac from a completely different side and reveal to you the secrets of new moments to savour.

New Taste Horizons with Jameson Orange

Whiskey is not just a drink; it is a story embodied in every sip that stretches back centuries. Over time, it has become an integral part of Irish and Scottish life, but its appeal has crossed borders and won the hearts of people around the world. This ancient drink has always been surrounded by an aura of mystery, lavish celebrations and family recipes handed down from generation to generation.

However, the modern world is changing, and consumers’ tastes are evolving as well. Attitudes toward whiskey are becoming less formal, and more and more people are willing to explore new flavours and aromas. One such bold step in the world of whiskey was the Jameson Orange position, introduced in 2021 in the Jameson line of Irish whiskeys.

Jameson Irish whiskey

in a new incarnation

Jameson Orange is the epitome of boldness and forward thinking for a brand with more than two centuries of history. Reduced to 30% strength and vibrant aromatics of juicy oranges blast the taste buds and mesmerize all who dare to try this Irish Orange. Jameson Orange becomes the perfect base for creating refreshing cocktails or enjoying it pure.

This is not only a new flavour in the world of whiskey, but also a bold step in the variety with which Jameson Orange penetrates the hearts and taste preferences of millions of whiskey lovers around the world. After all, the Jameson brand embodies the family motto “Sine Metu”,“No Fear” is not afraid of experimentation. Don’t be afraid to explore new flavors and discover something completely new with Jameson Orange.

Push the boundaries of tradition and try Jameson Orange today.

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