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What drinks are associated
with summer?

Perhaps these are cocktails such as Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and Mojito. But how often do we think about what’s in these cocktails? They are united by one constant ingredient, this is rum. And not just rum, but Cuban rum. And today we’ll talk about a special Cuban rum. What makes it special? Th...

Perhaps these are cocktails such as Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and Mojito. But how often do we think about what’s in these cocktails? They are united by one constant ingredient, this is rum. And not just rum, but Cuban rum. And today we’ll talk about a special Cuban rum.

What makes it special?

These are the unique ingredients that nature provides: succulent sugarcane, fertile soil and an ideal tropical climate, all of which make Cuba “THE ISLAND OF RUM”. These are people: from harvesters and specialists at the distillery to Maestro Ronero, and all are united by passion, passion for the Cuban tradition. This is the time for each of the rum, which are aged for at least 3 years. Is it worth it? We are sure it is worth it.

The Havana Club brand first appeared on March 19, 1934 in the Arechabala sugar group: la Fabrica de Licores. On the coast of Cuba, founder Jose Arechabala built a distillery in Cardenas, and then a new high-quality product appeared throughout the republic: the Ron Habana Club – Arechabala. “The name of the rum was chosen in order to symbolically unite the two worlds: traditional Cuban roots and the uniqueness of Havana, as well as the nightlife, which is associated with the international word “club”.

And this is not in vain because Havana was a paradise for party lovers thanks to its clubs and bars, but today the popularity of our rum has gone beyond Cuba and has become synonymous with modern parties around the world. Despite the traditional idea of Cuban rum, now the Havana club is a striking touch of urban culture and modern music. Various collaborations with such street clothing brands as: Aries Arise (Great Britain), Daily Paper (South Africa), Wallride (Kazakhstan) confirm this fact. We did not come to this immediately, but over time. And despite the fact that some traditions are changing, our rum remains the same.

Time is an important aspect for the production of rum, but aging in Cuba is not just about pouring sugarcane distillate into a barrel and then leaving it for three years, five or seven years and bottling it. Our approach is much more interesting and more complicated. All Havana club rums are a mixture of aged distillates.

Thanks to the mastery of Maestro Ronero, who are responsible for mixing rums at the distillery and come to their position after several decades of hard work and incredible love for their work and the unique tropical climate of Cuba, we get refined rums.

To create a rum requires significant work, from planting sugar cane, proper distillation, aging and mixing. And even after the rum is in the bottle, the magic continues in the bars, where the bartenders behind the bar, with passion and tenacity, prepare cocktails, carefully selecting the necessary ingredients and mixing them, bringing them to the perfect taste.

Liberty Island Bartenders designed their own cocktail style and turned to Cuban rums, such as the Havana Club to create classics like Daiquiri, Mojito, El Presidente or Cuba Libre. The most interesting thing is that these cocktails can be easily recreated at home. For a daiquiri, you just need to stock up on a bottle of rum, lime juice and sugar syrup, blend them in a jar or in a shaker with ice, strain and enjoy the Cuban classics at home. And in the case of the Mojito, you need to add mint and soda to these ingredients, and you can mix them immediately in a glass with a lot of ice. For decoration, do not forget to add to the top some leaves of mint.

The most suitable rum for these cocktails is our youngest three-year-old Havana Club rum. As this rum slowly ripens in a tropical Cuban climate, it acquires a delicate straw color and characteristic oak notes, you can taste citrus freshness and shades of molasses from rich Cuban sugar cane. The secret of aging Cuban rums is that after two years of aging, the distillates are filtered, which allows you to get a softer rum, and then it is mixed and poured into barrels for another year.

The next release of the Havana Club Añejo Especial, all you need for an absolute Cuba Libre. The recipe is very convenient for home, one part rum, two parts cola and half lime juice. A slice of lime should be left in the serving glass. Remember to add ice. Our special double exposure method is what sets the Havana Club Añejo Especial apart from the many others. Our rum is aged for several years in barrels that were previously used to ripen American bourbon, and then it is sent to the “second exposure” in barrels of Irish whiskey. This gives the rum a smooth, balanced taste and soft notes of vanilla, improving your experience of Cuba Libre.

In the late 1960s, Maestros del Ron Cubano opened a new chapter for Cuban rum. For Havana 7, they created a ‘continuous aging’ process: a portion of each of the last batches of seven-year-old rum is sent back to the barrel for further maturation to become part of the future – in this way, the spirit of Havana 7 is maintained. This creates a great and complex taste that is better to enjoy in pure form. And with every sip of our special Cuban rum, you understand that this is the real Cuba. Cuba in the bottle.

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