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Coca-Cola Icecek Kazakshtan – 3.2.1.Start!

Developing and popularizing plastic collection and recycling among the youth of Kazakhstan

The purpose and objectives of the project:

Coca-Cola Icecek Kazakhstan (Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers) has been running the 3.2.1.Start! project for 8 years now wishing to support youth initiatives and create a community of active young people who are ready to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Since 2023, the goal of the project is focused on developing and popularizing separate collection and processing of plastic among students of universities in Kazakhstan. This very change will also help the company meet its commitment targets of collecting 100% of the Company’s plastic output by 2030.

Project objectives:

  • inculcate environmental thinking in young people, teach them the necessary skills of collecting and properly sorting wastes, especially plastic;
  • hold a republican competition among universities on collection and processing of plastic;
  • award the university, which will win the competition, with a line of equipment designed to produce plastic products.

Project goal:

To develop and popularize plastic collection and recycling among the youth of Kazakhstan, and achieve the SDG goals (12).

Implementation of the project:

It should be noted that every year there is a republican competition for the best idea held within the framework of the project.

Every year, project participants are given an opportunity to gain additional useful skills by participating in trainings and master classes from leading experts in various fields. The gained theoretical and practical knowledge may be necessary for further implementation of the participants’ ideas and projects, as well as for their personal development. Traditionally, the semi-finalists go through a rich incubation training program called BootCamp, after which the authors of the best projects have an opportunity to compete for a financial grant from the Company to implement their initiatives.


Over the years of the project, more than 150 different trainings and master classes were organized for about 20 thousand students from 1,500 youth organizations, including more than 800 colleges and 130 universities.

19 start-ups received grants for implementation of their ideas for a total of about 20 million tenge. It should be noted that more than 80% of the winner-projects successfully operate to this day.

A total of 18,000 trained students!

The media coverage of the project was 2,000,000.

Project website:

In 2022, a record number of over 300 applications was received, and more than 2,500 students were covered through hackathons at universities.


In 2023, the winners of one of the previous seasons of project “3.2.1. Start!”, i.e. Rocket Plastic, produced benches from recycled plastic as part of a city eco-marathon announced by Coca-Cola in Kazakhstan with support of the Almaty City Administration and PlastNet network.

Almost 300 kg of plastic was collected thanks to caring citizens, from which 10 benches were produced and donated to Almaty city on behalf of the Company. These benches can be seen in Gorky Park, Almaty.

This initiative was a part of Coca-Cola’s Global Strategy “A World Without Waste”, which aims to promote collection and reuse or recycling of the equivalent of all consumer packaging we bring to market by 2030.

In 2022, PlastNet participants collected 18,536 tons of plastic in Kazakhstan, of which 15,256 tons were recycled.

Also, in order to raise public awareness, more than 30 lectures on environmental awareness for younger generation, 10 eco-events, 8 round tables, 10 trainings on introduction of separate collection of packaging waste and 10 online events were held with a total coverage of almost 5 million people.


CCI Kazakhstan supports the graduates of the past seasons of 3.2.1.Start! and implement joint projects.

At the beginning of July 2023, in Almaty, together with Ecosen, our partner and former winner of 3.2.1. Start! Project, the company plans to open 2 eco-stations for citizens, where everyone can bring 11 fractions of recyclables for recycling.

Additional Information


Instagram: @321_start

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