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GPI – Green Urban Community

Community for the Development of Sustainable Cities and Territories of Kazakhstan and Central Asia – Green Urban

The purpose and objectives of the project:

Community for the Development of Sustainable Cities and Territories of Kazakhstan and Central Asia – Green Urban

Our motto: “Business for cities, cities for life”.

The introduction of the principles of sustainability and ESG contributes not only to the stimulation of the corporate agenda, but also the introduction of a sustainable agenda in the regions.

Our platform  on free base to participants promotes the principles and mechanisms for the formation of a high-quality urban environment, resource conservation, the introduction of green standards and technologies. The aim of the project is to unite the expert community in all areas of sustainable development of cities and regions from Smart cities to Urban health.

We form competencies, offer solutions to urban problems, give expert assessment on improving the urban environment from single-industry towns to megacities. The community members are more than 50 specialized companies, experts in the field of urban development.

Implementation of the project:

To solve the tasks set, 8 subcommittees have been created, which bring together key experts and companies:

• Sustainable cities and urbanism

• Cyclical economy

• Urban Health

• Green schools and universities

• Sustainable tourism

• Green construction

• Smart City

• ESG regions.

The community organizes regular brain-storm with citizens, business, government body to discuss urban issues (Urban Talk project), forms appeals to MY, is part of working groups of ministries and institutes, ESG Club to form an expert opinion.

A project group of 10 people participated in the creation of the community – methodologists, lawyers, experts in the field of sustainable development and digitalization, marketers, etc. The creation and maintenance of the community is carried out at the expense of GPI Company’s own funds. At the moment, the community has 4 curators who are engaged in the development of Green Urban


1. There is a strong growing interest in improving the quality of life in cities and the goals promoted by the community, both among the population and among MY and government agencies;

2. A website has been created and a permanent platform for discussing the agenda of the quality of life in cities – Urban Talk (more than 10 events were held);

3. Memorandums of cooperation have been signed with the Institute of Economic Research, the Kazakhstan Football Federation, etc.;

4. Cooperation has been established with MY and universities;

5. Within the framework of collaboration between community members, projects are created to improve public spaces, trainings, sports leagues, conferences; 6. The international Green Office awards was held.

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