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Efes Kazakhstan – Efes Art Space

New art experience - Efes Art Space – office transformation into an art gallery on weekends. Exclusive, multifunctional platform that not only displays artistic works but also hosts masterclasses, performances, and lectures for the wider community.

The purpose and objectives of the project:

New art experience – Efes Art Space – office transformation into an art gallery on weekends. Exclusive, multifunctional platform that not only displays artistic works but also hosts masterclasses, performances, and lectures for the wider community. The main contribution is establishment of one-of-a-kind art space within its in-house office, transforming it into a creative and cultural hub. This innovative project supports the arts and culture in Kazakhstan, providing emerging artists with opportunities for growth and aligning with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/ru/sustainable-development-goals/. Supporting Emerging Talent and Cultural Exchange (SDG 4 & SDG 11): nurture and promote young talents in Kazakhstan by providing with a unique platform to express themselves. Encouraging Inclusivity and Equality (SDG 8 & SDG 10): it is demonstrated through partnerships with inclusive theater groups, stand-up teams, art curators, and more. EAS has also organized exhibitions featuring artists with mental and genetic disabilities, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility (SDG 12 & SDG 17): EAS sets a new benchmark for corporate business in Kazakhstan, demonstrating a strong commitment to sustainable development. Employee Engagement and Personnel Development (SDG 3 & SDG 8): EAS has become a hub for EK employees to engage in cultural and artistic pursuits, enriching their lives and promoting well-being.

Implementation of the project:

The Implementation of Art Space Project as a vibrant creative and cultural hub is addresses to the scarcity of available spaces for emerging artists and creative individuals to showcase their work and arrange personal exhibitions. Approach to the Solution lays in transformation office space into a versatile gallery equipped with state-of-the-art display systems, ensuring that diverse art forms can be exhibited effectively. The story has started in 2022 after Open Call where we have received 300+ applications and arranged 4 exhibitions: 2 artists from Astana, 1 art group with artists from Russia & KZ, one exhibition with two artists with mental and genetic disabilities. 2023 – Ten Exhibitions, Three Dedicated to SDGs highlighting art that advocates for sustainability, gender equality, ecological problems, and inclusivity. The primary allocation of funds were focused on PR events to reach a broader audience, attract talented artists, and encourage public engagement with the exhibitions in 2022. In 2023 we are more focused on building a community to promote this initiative on B2B level. To ensure the smooth operation of the creative hub and the success of the exhibitions, the project involves various human resources: internationally experienced Art Curator Olga Veselova to oversee the curation process, ensuring the exhibitions maintain high artistic standards and coherence with the themes. In-house Employees from diverse backgrounds who possess creative skills are encouraged to arrange their own masterclasses, workshops, and interactive sessions within the art space like Neurographics, Personal Brand and etc. The project has wide-diversified Jury consisting of representatives from the theatre, ecology & established artists to evaluate the artwork submissions and select participants for each exhibition.


The project has CSR goals to increase employee brand image and company awareness adding value through art&culture to develop creative economy of Kazakhstan.

Huge impact was reached via AWARD EVENT at A. Kasteyev’s Kazakh National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan in February, 2023 that gathered more than 150 media for free underlining project’s remarkable achievements in the art and culture sector where participants had 4 different nominations and prizes:

I place: Main prize – 500 000 kzt (~1000 USD) II place: Collaboration of two regional artists with a popular fashion boutique to create customized collection of spring clothes. Art collection is a new alternative promotional channel with stunning showcase of creativity and style, blend of art and fashion to create modern, trendy, and extremely cool for youngsters company perception. III place: Purchaseofpaintings in Efes Kazakhstan collection.

Main figures of the project in 2022-2023:

Open Call: < 1 month more than 600 applications from all over the Kazakhstan

Exhibition 2022: 6 winners – artists from regions; 2 artists with mental and genetic disabilities; 2023: 10 personal & group exhibitions, where 3 will be dedicated to SDGoals

PR: 7 big &bold PR Campaigns; Special project on Esquire https://esquire.kz/efes-art-space/ ; PR Value: 50 000 USD; Media reach: more than 500 publications, stories, posts, and articles

Traffic: 4000 + offline guests; 20000 online reach; More than 100 master-classes & performances on weekends

Innovations: Instagram page: efesartspace established in Feb’2022

Collaborations: Art Society  – https://www.artsociety.kz/ – art portal that covers lectures, meetings and art networking; 2) Deistvie Bukvalno – bukvalnolab – Inclusive theatre laboratory; 3) A.Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan; 4) Art & Creative Solutions Fund https://artandcreative.kz; 5) HOWE – fashion partner; 6) ARTiShock – 1st independent theater company in Kazakhstan  http://artishock.kz/

Instagram @efesartspace, @efes_kazakhstan

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