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Efes Kazakhstan – SAP 4/HANA Implementation

The purpose and objectives of the project:

The purpose and objectives of the project:

1. Improving the effectiveness of business processes;

2. ImproIng analytics for operational decision-making;

3. Cost and risk management; The objectives of the project – development and configuration of the system considering the needs of the company, data migration, user training, testing and deployment of the system, and support after implementation.

Implementation of the project:

The approach to the solution is business analytics, in order to standardize processes and optimize the costs of implementing an automated system. 

Project implementation 1 year

The problem is a modern approach to automating business processes, on a secure platform that advises the company’s security policy.

Number of employees involved – 50 people Departments involved – the implementation affected the company as a whole

Results: SAP 4/HANA was implemented through the process of creating a community of key users. This made it possible to come into contact with every part of the business process in detail and achieve effective standardization. Employees’ awareness was achieved by holding focus groups explaining the need for changes.

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