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Resource Centers for Inclusive Education for Children with Special Educational Needs

The purpose and objectives of the project:

The number of children engaged in remote learning in Kazakhstan has doubled from 2010 to 2019*. They are excluded from general education and interaction with their classmates. The aim of the project is to assist children with disabilities in accessing education and integrating them into the social life of the school through the organization of special activities. In 2023, it is planned to organize a minimum of 4 activities involving classmates (over 600 children) and each student engaged in remote learning (59 children) in 6 general education schools.

*According to the Ministry of Labor of Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the project:

In 2021-2022, in collaboration with “Dara” Foundation, we opened 6 inclusive education centers for children with disabilities. In 2023, we are expanding the project to include children engaged in remote studying. The project consists of 3 stages: building a team, organization of activities for children, and project evaluation. The main participants are schools in Almaty, Saran, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kyzylorda, Makat village, and Sarykoly village, as well as employees from the “Dara” Foundation and our company.


As part of the project, a program with various activities and field trips for pupils was developed in 6 schools. Since the implementation of the project by May 2023 247 events were organized, including art therapy, fun sports events, planting flowers and seeds, games with a psychologist, intellectual games, physical activities, working with clay, and much more. These activities involved the participation of 89 students during the 2-month duration of the second stage of the project.

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