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NEF Qazaqstan & NEF Foundation – NEF future football stars

Providing opportunities for young and talented football players in Kazakhstan to showcase their potential on the international stage.

The purpose and objectives of the project:

The project “NEF Future Football Stars” represents a unique initiative developed by NEF Qazaqstan & NEF Foundation within the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The main goal of this project is to address a significant social issue — providing opportunities for young and talented football players in Kazakhstan to showcase their potential on the international stage.

Key objectives of the project:

Talent Identification and Development: The project aims to identify, support, and develop sporting talents among children and youth aged 11 to 21. This creates unique prospects for young athletes, helping them demonstrate their abilities and gain opportunities for a successful career in professional football.

Partnership with Turkish Football Clubs: Inviting over 6 scouts from prestigious Turkish football clubs (FC Galatasaray, FC Antalyaspor, FC Besiktas, FC Alanyaspor, FC Trabzonspor, FC Samsunspor, FC Gaziantepspor) establishes a connection between young Kazakhstani football players and international professional clubs. This provides a unique chance for young players to showcase their potential before renowned football organizations and pursue further development.

Needs Assessment for Beneficiaries: Prior to project initiation, a detailed assessment of the needs of young football players in Kazakhstan was conducted. This included analyzing talented players, their ambitions, and potential, as well as identifying the resources and support required for them to succeed in professional football.

Creating Value for Beneficiaries and Society: The project offers significant value to young football players, giving them the opportunity to showcase themselves before professional clubs and initiate their careers in football. Moreover, the initiative contributes to the development of sports culture in society and enhances Kazakhstan’s status as a source of talented athletes.

Qualitative and Quantitative Indicators of Expected Value:

Success of Young Football Players: It is anticipated that many participants in the project will secure contracts with renowned Turkish football clubs, confirming the successful implementation and value of the project for beneficiaries.

Development of Football Infrastructure: The project contributes to the development of football infrastructure and sports programs in Kazakhstan, which in the long term will elevate the level of football in the country.

Enhancing Country Prestige: The success of project participants on the international stage contributes to the enhancement of Kazakhstan’s reputation and status as a country capable of nurturing and supporting exceptional athletes. In summary, the “NEF Future Football Stars” project addresses a pertinent social issue by supporting young and talented football players, and it promotes the advancement of football culture in Kazakhstan.

Implementation of the project:

The project is built on the understanding of the significance of supporting young athletes in Kazakhstan and providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills to international football clubs. This is achieved through the organization of three key stages.

Stages of Implementation:

Application Collection (3 months): At this stage, four individuals are responsible for collecting and processing applications. They maintain constant communication with Turkish counterparts, coordinate the process, and ensure the smooth execution of this stage.

Selection (2 days): The second stage encompasses the actual selection process. More than 40 people are involved, including company employees, coaches, scouts, and volunteers. Activities during this stage include organizing the football field, setting up the operational system, placing banners, and other operational tasks.

Camp in Turkey: Selected children proceed to the third stage, where they will have the opportunity to showcase their talent and gain attention from professional clubs in Turkey.

Project Funding:

The project receives funding from NEF Qazaqstan. These funds are used to cover expenses associated with organizing all three stages, including logistics, infrastructure, marketing, project team, and other necessary resources.

Human Resources:

The project involves a significant number of human resources:

Employees: During the initial stage, four employees are engaged in application collection and processing. In the second stage, over 40 employees, including coaches, scouts, and managers, actively work on and off the field.

Volunteers: Volunteers also play a crucial role. They assist in organizing the football field, installing banners, and other operational tasks. Their active involvement ensures the smooth execution of the event.

Engagement of Stakeholders:

Stakeholders are actively engaged throughout the project’s implementation. For instance, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Almaty and the Head of the Sports Department in Almaty also support the event, underscoring the importance and recognition of the initiative at the governmental level. All these aspects indicate a carefully planned and multifaceted project implementation that focuses on creating opportunities for young football talents and involves diverse stakeholders to achieve the overall goal.


Level of Achievement of Set Objectives:

More than 1000 children aged 11 to 21 participated in the project, indicating a broad reach and engagement of the target audience.

The collection of applications, selection process, and organization of the camp in Turkey were successfully carried out with the participation of relevant specialists and volunteers.

Impact Assessment on Beneficiaries:

Participation in the selection process and the opportunity to showcase their talent before scouts from renowned Turkish football clubs provide significant chances for young football players to succeed in their careers.

The participation of over 1000 children underscores the project’s significance in supporting sports talents in the country.

Raising Awareness about the Issue and its Solutions:

Based on indicators from social media, more than three thousand likes and the interest of over two thousand individuals demonstrate the increased awareness and society’s interest in the project and its objectives.

Sustainability of Achieved Results:

The successful implementation of the project and its positive impact on young football players can contribute to long-term interest in sports development and supporting sports talents in the country. Overall, the Social ROI method highlights the positive impact of the project on beneficiaries, society, and the country’s sports infrastructure, making it a successful example of corporate social responsibility and targeted efforts to support young athletes.

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